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dry herb atomizer

Dry Herb Atomizer with 2 extra bowls

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Sometimes you get your hands on medicine that is just too beautiful to burn; you'd rather stare and revel in it's splendor. If you use our glass globe atomizer for dry herbs to vape the sacred offerings of mother nature, you will experience the true essence of the plant. These dry herb atomizers are 510 threaded and work best at 3.5 volts and 8 watts. Any higher risks burning. Press and hold power button on vape, wait 3 seconds for herbs to heat up, then inhale at a steady medium pace until light flashes. Let the vape cool down for 30 seconds before hitting it again.

Each atomizer now comes with two extra heating elements!

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Product Description

Dry Herb Atomizer

Now each dry herb atomizer comes with two additional heating elements, and when you add that with our standard setting customer service and same day shipping* it makes for an amazing value!

This dry herb atomizer is fantastic for those who seek to partake in the sacred plant’s essence without the carcinogens. We found this particular glass globe atomizer for dry herbs and flowers to be the most durable of all the different vaporizer atomizers we tried, and they gave us a true vape without burning our sacred ingredients and now each atomizer comes with two extra heating elements!

To use, pull the glass globe off the atomizer, crush the dry herbs, load the herbs into the dish, and allow them to heat for 3 seconds in the atomizer by pressing and holding the power button on the vaporizer before inhalation.

As always, WeVape Vaporizers provides discreet shipping of our dry herb atomizers by using our holding company name on the return address to protect your privacy.

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*same day shipping on dry herb atomizer orders made by 2:30 pm EST.

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Dry Herb Atomizer with 2 extra bowls